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Chicago Loop Synagogue Board Member Beth Farber's address                                    at "Listen Up!" Concert

Welcome Everyone to this Amazing Shul!

I started coming to this shul when I began working in the city.  My Poppy and dad were members.  I used to come with my dad Joey for free Passover lunches.  There were two seatings each day with over 120 people at each seating.

This shul is considered everyone’s second shul.  It is here for everyone to come and say kaddish.  Prior to Covid, we had 3 minyans a day.  We would sell kosher lunches daily. In fact, during Sukkot, I brought my customer visiting from New York here for lunch. He was observant so I needed kosher lunches and we ate in the sukkah on the roof, and he was impressed.

We continue to have 1 daily morning minyan every weekday and on Shabbat.  We have all holiday services.  Lee asked me to be on the board in 2018. I brought egalitarian minyans to the shul.  Once a month on Friday nights we had Minyan and Martinis. Before Covid, Daddy would come to everyone and even once brought Rabbi Neil Brief of Niles Township.  Steve would make the best martinis. We have virtual minyans every Friday night since Covid.

We are here for all Jews especially when people are here visiting Chicago. We have amazing programs even through Covid! We used to have yoga at lunch.

I would come to the minyan after work each day and met some great legends.  Senator Bernie Neistein, Judge Abraham Lincoln Marovitz and this incredible man Max Berry.  Max and I would ride the 36 bus home and when we passed Holy Name Cathedral, he would say to me in his thick New York accent “I bet they get a great minyan there!”

My love for Judaism and shuls stems from when I was a kid.  Dad and I had a tradition whenever we traveled, we found a shul.  In 1996 we had an International Dystonia Symposium at the Marriott in the World Trade Center.  It was Friday night, and we found the Wall Street Synagogue.  It was so old and run down. I said to my dad this is nothing like The Chicago Loop Synagogue.  When Ira (my brother-in-law) came into the family I asked him about that shul. Ira was a New Yorker who worked on Wall Street, and I said there are so many Jews in NYC and so much money how come the shul is so run down? He advised me that there are so many orthodox Jews on Wall Street that they have minyanim in their offices.  I realized how grateful I was for this shul. Steve now carries this tradition with me to find a shul wherever we are in the world.

This shul is where everyone comes together to support the Jewish community.  In January 2017, we had an act of antisemitism that hit our shul. Jews, Christians and Muslims came here to support us. We had almost 1,000 people come to a rally in this very sanctuary.

How did I decide to do this benefit concert? Years ago, I saw this video from Listen Up and realized it was filmed in this shul.  I always thought I would love to do a fund raiser here.  When I called Steve Singer to set up the fundraiser, he told me that he grew up in my shul, Niles Township Synagogue.  I said "Wait, your mom is Marlene Singer and your sister is Karen."  He told me his parents were married at Chicago Loop Synagogue.  Beshert!

Ironically today is the last day of my 11 months for saying Kaddish for my dad...All Beshert.

Huge Thank you to all of you for coming and support this shul and me!

Thank you to Mary Lynn Pross, Cary Wolovick and my fellow board member David Weinerm the bus captain.

And now let’s enjoy Listen Up!

                      Welcome TO CHICAGo Loop Synagogue

We would love to have you join us for our Shacharit minyanim Monday through Saturday!

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As you may know, we’ve been having trouble getting our mail delivered. To combat the problem and ensure our mail gets to us on time, we now have a Post Office box. When you send us mail, please use this address:

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Of course, you are always welcome to visit us in our beautiful building at 16 S. Clark St. in Chicago. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you!

                      Have your simcha at our Synagogue!

A three-story high stained glass window, which has been called the biggest and best work of its kind in the US, if not the world, will be a magnificent backdrop for your simcha.

Impress your guests with the near-perfect acoustics in our soaring 535-seat sanctuary, upgraded social hall and full kosher kitchen.  For more information, click here.  To book a showing, click here or call 312-346-7370.

                                       Minyan procedures

Reservations must be made to attend minyanim along with proof of identification. Please email Cary to reserve your place at

We will continue to evaluate these policies on a regular basis and thank you for your continued support.

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      Inspiring Music video filmed at chicago loop synagogue

"Am Kadosh" from the album Celestial Dialogues by Ofer Ben-Amots was performed in our sanctuary recently. Cantor Pavel Roytman sang and Bartosz Warkoczynski performed on the clarinet.

It was presented with the idea of using musical dialogue as a way to have society strive for peace and harmony.

The musicians were inspired by the beauty and grandeur of our sanctuary as a space for artistic expression.

To watch the music video and be inspired, click here.

      chicago loop synagogue featured in yachatz film series

Connecticut filmmaker Dawna Sirard is in preproduction of Yachatz, a short film inspired by her time caring for her mother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s.

To help promote the project and bring attention to the importance and significance of historic temples, Dawna is creating complimentary videos that promote the history and uniqueness of each building and its congregation, including Chicago Loop Synagogue.

To watch a video on our synagogue as part of Yachatz, please click here.

Yachatz follows Jewish real estate developer Myra Rosen as she juggles a demanding career and a mother suffering from Alzheimer’s who no longer recognizes her. Faced with the difficult decision of putting her mother in a nursing home, and her role in the demolition of a local, historic synagogue, Myra reaches an emotional crossroad that culminates in a wonderful moment of self-awareness, decency, and faith.

To learn more about Yachatz, click here.

                                     Our Vision and Identity

Whether you work or live downtown, Chicago Loop Synagogue is your

spiritual home.


As the largest synagogue in the downtown area, we serve Jews with many differing needs. Some come to pray, some come to participate in our array of thoughtful programs or unmatched High Holiday services. No matter what causes you to engage with us, Chicago Loop Synagogue is committed to helping you find what you seek.

                 Our Building and its architectural history

The synagogue is also an architectural marvel which is regularly featured on architecture tours.

Among other features, it contains the magnificent Abraham Rattner stained glass artwork which takes up almost the entire Eastern facade of the Synagogue. Rattner lithographs are located in our Beit Midrash as well as the entry to the Social Hall. The Hands of Peace by Henri Azaz crowns the entrance to the Synagogue.

We were featured by the "Historic American Buildings Survey" by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

To view the short form architectural history, please click here.

To view a .pdf of the drawings for the "Historic American Buildings Survey," please click here.

                      How to Visit Chicago Loop Synagogue

Our address is:

16 S. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60603

We are located just south of Madison Street, in the heart of beautiful downtown Chicago.

Chicago Loop Synagogue is fortunate to host many visitors. We are a short walking distance from all CTA 'L' Lines and Metra Metropolian Rail Terminals that serve downtown Chicago, as well as major hotels and landmarks.

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Fri, June 9 2023 20 Sivan 5783