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Weekday services

We host three mechitzah minyanim daily. All 3 take place in the William Henning Rubin Bet Midrash on the first level of the synagogue.

Shacharit is at 8:05 AM (except Rosh Chodesh and Chol Hamoed), which then it will start at 7:45.

Mincha is at 1:35 PM.

Mincha followed by Maariv in the winter starts between 4:05 and 4:45 PM, depending on time of year. Please check our daily service and event calendar for the exact time.


Services at Chicago Loop Synagogue are open to all who seek to worship, learn and participate in the community.

Our goal is to broaden the understanding of Judaism and, through better understanding, establish each individual’s relationship with G-d.


Kabbalat Shabbat Service – 4:30 PM.

Shabbat Morning - 9:30 AM followed by a Kiddush Lunch.

Fri, October 30 2020 12 Cheshvan 5781